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Cyberguard is a premier cyber protection company in the UAE that provides effective cyber security solutions for its IT sector. we have a professional presence of many years in the IT industry and our client base includes different organizations and business corporations in the UAE.

Our expert team specializes in the products and services which range from small scale to premium projects that are customized to your business operations. These include products like Privileged Access Management; ITM through Veriato Workforce Behavior Analytics, to protect its sensitive data of businesses, and Libraesva, which is an email protection technology. We are also adept at administering services like VAPT, that is meant to identify critical security issues. 


In this digital age, where technology is becoming increasingly varied, there is an emerging need to protect your data from all possible threats. This is why our vision is to defend our cyberspace with technology. Our cyber security company understands that the IT solution we provide will influence our society and economies at large, as enhancing IT security will have an overall positive impact on all active users and accounts. 



Considering the present scenario, our mission is to provide best-in-class IT security solutions through innovation and the right methods. We have developed an excellent team of IT professionals where we work to ensure cyber security in the UAE for the networks of our clients. Through this, we offer a range of services to combat threat issues like ransomware strikes, malware attacks, and phishing scams that can harm your business drastically.

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Jim Jacob

Mr.Jim Jacob is a seasoned technology professional who has worked with Nokia software , Huawei for over 21 years . During that period he was primarily focusing on MEA clients . His passion for entrepreneurship and vast experience in the IT field has helped him envision Cyberguard – the one stop solution for IT security related services.