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Cyber Guard is committed to safeguarding your security and equipping you to scale with more focus on quality and less worry about threats.

Our Tailored Services for Penetration Testing in Ajman

For businesses operating across diverse industry verticals in Ajman, we provide tailored services for pentesting. Some of the major services we deliver to our clients include:

Annual VAPT testing:

Our annual VAPT testing for businesses encompasses compliance checking and general scanning for potential vulnerabilities across your systems and networks.

IoT Testing:

Utilizing automated VAPT tools, we test the security strength of your Internet of Things (IoT) devices attached to your network. We will notify you if any suspicious behavior is noted.

Pentest services for mobile applications:

Given the high dependence on mobile apps these days, we meticulously scan them for any loopholes that attackers can use to break into them.

API Security Assessment:

Professionals at our penetration testing company will monitor your application programming interfaces for any potential threats and approve if they can safely communicate with systems.

Web Application Security Assessment:

We are equipped with the most advanced vulnerability assessment and penetration testing tools for conducting top-level web application security assessments.

Code Scanning and Assessment:

We help verify the strength of your codes by testing them carefully and identifying even the most hidden loopholes that attackers can infiltrate and cause challenges.

ASV penetration testing solution:

At Cyber Guard, we use approved scanning vendor services and tools for vulnerability and penetration testing and thereby ensure your compliance with PCI DSS requirements.

Network Penetration Testing:

We are a leader among pen testing companies in Ajman in carrying out systematic network penetration testing. Covering every aspect of your infrastructure and using external and internal methods, we ensure foolproof security for your networks.

Why Choose Us as Your Penetration Testing Company in Ajman?

At Cyber Guard, we are committed to delivering reliable and top-notch vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Our experts boast over a decade of experience carrying out various forms of pen testing across all industries and business models. From using advanced automation tools to incorporating meticulous human interventions, our unique methodology helps ensure even the most hidden threats are uncovered and addressed with the right solution.

Why Choose Us as Your Penetration Testing Company in Ajman?

How We Conduct Pentesting in Ajman – Our Unique Process

Your satisfaction is our commitment. We follow a systematic approach in our pen testing process to ensure that. Here is how we collaborate with you and deliver tailored solutions. 

Initial contact and scope evaluation:

First, you reach out to us and tell us about your purpose for carrying out a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT).

Roadmap setup and reconnaissance:

Based on your needs, we create a strategy for conducting pentesting in Ajman for your company and proceed to gather data about your infrastructure.

Vulnerability scanning and pentesting:

Next, we scan your entire system for potential loopholes and isolate the ones we identify. We will then simulate attacks on those vulnerabilities.

Documentation of outcomes and reporting:

We document the outcomes of the scanning and threat simulation with detailed steps of how we did it and present the report to you for remediation.

What Makes Penetration Vulnerability Testing a Necessity for Ajman-Based Businesses?

  • The reports generated through pentest vulnerability assessment help businesses take instant remediation to ensure foolproof security and prevent threats from getting intensified. 
  • Data breaches cause businesses to lose reputation and money through litigation and compensation. Professional services from a reliable penetration testing company in Ajman help avoid that. 
  • Pen testing services equip businesses to identify early signs of cyberattacks and prevent any attempt to gain authorized access to their systems. 
  • It helps businesses get a detailed overview of the security posture of their network and other digital assets. 
  • Businesses that handle sensitive data on a day-to-day basis identify the ways in which attackers target their data and learn to prevent them through effective interventions. 
  • Periodical vulnerability testing and penetration testing are the best ways for businesses to ensure that their assets and digital services comply with statutory regulations and industry standards. 
  • An authorized penetration testing company in Ajman, like Cyber Guard, will help businesses deal with both external and internal threats effectively.

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    As a financial service, we collect a significant amount of personal and payment information from our customers. The penetration testing offered by Cyber Guard helped us identify some key vulnerabilities we are subject to and strengthen our defenses.

    Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Bank, Al Jurf, and Ajman

    We recommend Cyber Guard if you are looking for a penetration testing company in Ajman. Having used their services for vulnerability assessment and pen testing for the IT infrastructure of our hospitality business, we can attest that their services are top-notch.

    Fatimah Aisha Al Mansouri, Tourism and Hospitality Al Rashidiya, Ajman

    Cyber Guard offered expert advice on remediation after a thorough vulnerability scan of our systems. We filed the report and got approval for tight compliance. An outstanding penetration testing company in Ajman.

    Shirdi Shenoy, Retail Business Ajman City, Ajman

    Working with Cyber Guard was quite easy. It is truly a professional company to work with. During the initial contact, we explained our purpose and scope of pentesting for our fitness center. They generated a roadmap and quoted the price and timeline.

    Luz Ramirez, Fitness Center, Masfout, Ajman

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our service charges vary depending on the type, scope, and complexity of the service. To get a precise price estimation, contact us and share your requirements, purpose, and scope with our team today.

    Our extensive experience in vulnerability assessment and pen testing, along with our thorough knowledge of industry standards and statutory compliance, make us the best and most reliable service provider for pentesting in Ajman. Moreover, we prioritize customer satisfaction through top-notch and fool-proof security solutions.

    Following our detailed vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, we will generate and send you a detailed report that contains all the steps and the remediation process. We recommend that you initiate the remediation as early as possible to enhance your security. We provide you with assistance for the same.

    Yes, we strictly adhere to both local industry standards and international cybersecurity and penetration testing protocols, such as OWASP, PCI-DSS, and ISO 27001. We guarantee thorough and effective testing.