Best Penetration Testing Service Provider in Abu Dhabi

Get fool-proof security for your digital assets from the best provider of VAPT test in Abu Dhabi.

Why Choose Cyber Guard for Vapt Testing Services in Abu Dhabi?

When it comes to cyber security for your business, you need nothing but the best. Because you are dealing with sensitive data whose compromise will cost your business’ reputation. Cyber Guard offers the best vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services in Abu Dhabi. We boast over a decade of experience handling various types of vulnerability risk assessment and are equipped with the best vulnerability assessment tools and methodology.

Discover Our Extensive Offerings in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing in Abu Dhabi

Having a clear understanding of Abu Dhabi’s unique business landscape, we have streamlined our service portfolio with tailored solutions addressing every need. Our services cover:

Annual VAPT testing:

Our annual VAPT test in Abu Dhabi helps businesses that are looking to improve their security protocols as part of compliance, as license renewals often require that.

IoT vulnerability testing:

IoT stands for internet of things. These are devices that are connected to a network, for instance, sensors, smart devices, and so forth. We assess their security posture.

Vulnerability scan online for mobile applications:

We scan your mobile applications and determine if they are susceptible to any kinds of weaknesses and suggest remediation.

API scanning and assessment:

Our expert professionals test your application programming interfaces and verify if they can communicate with other systems and do not pose threats.

Web application vulnerability scanning:

We follow the best vulnerability assessment methodology for web applications, integrating advanced automation tools and expert interventions.

Vulnerabilities assessment for codes:

Given the high risk of codes being infiltrated by attackers, we employ sophisticated vulnerability scanning tools and methods for thorough code reviews.

AWS vulnerability scanning:

We are a licensed provider of VAPT tests in Abu Dhabi for AWS services. We cater to businesses offering SaaS products and eCommerce services through Amazon Web Services.

ASV Scan:

As an approved scanning vendor, we provide authorized pen testing and vulnerability scanning for financial service providers and payment card services.

Network vulnerability assessment:

Leveraging the best vulnerability assessment and penetration testing tools, we scan your networks for potential weaknesses, isolate threats, and remediate them instantly.

 The top 10 tools we use As the best penetration testing service provider in Abu Dhabi

As a leading  penetration testing service provider in Abu Dhabi, we combine cutting-edge technology with ingenious expertise.  Here are the top 10 vulnerability scanning tools powering our operations.
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    Our Penetration Testing Services Spanning Across Multiple Locations in the UAE

    How Can our Vapt testing services in Abu Dhabi Advantage to Your Business?

    • We simulate real-world attacks on your systems and help you determine how secure your assets are to prevent a potential threat from an attacker. 
    • Our team follows the best practices of vulnerability scanning in cyber security. We ensure that your privacy or security is not compromised at any point in the operation. 
    • We deliver container vulnerability scanning to help ensure that your applications and software running in the container are safe. We isolate misconfigurations and threats before deployment.
    • We help businesses maintain oversight of their network and application security via a dynamic monitoring interface. This facilitates smooth operations with ongoing vigilance.
    • Our timely assistance in penetration vulnerability testing helps businesses prevent security testing from delaying application release.
    • Our detailed code reviews help developers verify if the codes are strong. Hence, they can focus more on the quality and speed of their work instead of worrying about code safety. 
    • Through meticulous vulnerability testing and penetration testing, we help businesses identify any misconfigurations in their network and weaknesses generated by them. 
    • We help eliminate the need for frequent security testing of codes by helping developers understand secure coding practices through professional training programs. 
    • We ensure that the time and effort you invest in identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities are minimal and do not impact your business operations.
    • Utilizing our comprehensive application and network audits, businesses can proactively mitigate threats. It eliminates the need for extensive spending on compliance assurance later on.
    Best Penetration Testing Service Provider in Abu Dhabi
    Searching  to secure your business.  Our vapt testing services in Abu Dhabi offer the answer. Secure your Data with us !


    We are happy with the pen testing in Abu Dhabi offered by the Cyber Guard team. Within a few automated vulnerability scans using the latest tools, they uncovered most of the threats our eCommerce website had to deal with.

    Abul Fatih, eCommerce Service Provider, Liwa Oasis, Abu Dhabi

    We have been collaborating with the Cyber Guard team for nearly five years now. Their vulnerability assessment services are top-notch. Every time, they ensure that our operations are not stalled because of their involvement.

    Revant Kiran Reddy, Logistics and Shipping, Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi

    The main reason why I recommend Cyber Guard for pen testing in Abu Dhabi is their expertise with tools. Be it web vulnerability scanning tools or automation tools, they use the most advanced and licensed versions. Even though we are a financial service, our compliance cost is very minimal, thanks to Cyber Guard.

    Farooq Bin Aziz, Credit Card Service, Ruwais, Abu Dhabi

    We approached Cyber Guard for an external vulnerability assessment. We had a few instances where attackers broke into our networks. The Cyber Guard team identified the loopholes in the network and provided immediate remediation.

    Mahmood Nasar, Travel and Tourism, Abu Dhabi City, Abu Dhabi

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We typically take from a few days to a week or more to complete your vulnerability assessment and pen testing. Please note that the scope and complexity of the project can affect the duration.

    Yes. We adhere to cybersecurity regulations throughout the process of VAPT tests in Abu Dhabi. We are committed to ensuring compliance with local laws and industry standards, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

    Pentesting costs in Abu Dhabi can vary depending on factors like industry, business size, and the scope of pen testing. If you wish to get an exact price quote, feel free to contact our customer support team and get an assessment first.

    We are equipped to provide tailored vulnerability and pen testing services for all industries. This includes banking and finance, education, healthcare, IT, SaaS, biochemicals, and many others.

    At Cyber Guard, we boast more than a decade of experience in offering vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services. We stay current on the latest developments in cybersecurity. We incorporate the best practices and advanced vulnerability scanning tools, both open source and licensed, into our operations. Moreover, we strictly adhere to industry standards and IT regulations in the UAE.