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Cyber Guard is a leading provider of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing  Dubai. We provide tailored services for businesses of all sizes—small, medium, and large enterprises—to improve their security posture against threats.

Why Choose Cyber Guard For Penetration Testing Dubai Services ?

As a leading penetration testing company in Dubai, at Cyber Guard, we are committed to creating a safe and secure environment for businesses to function without worrying about cyber threats. 

  • We ensure that your IT assets are safe to be deployed, minimizing the need to prove statutory compliance. 
  • We simplify the process of dealing with threat complexities through systematic vulnerability assessment and remediation. 
  • We bring in a combination of human intervention and automation in threat scanning and analysis without leaving any undetected threat scenarios. 
  • We identify open ports and unsecured applications that cause data compromises and seal them for enhanced data security. 
  • Our team identifies and fixes misconfigurations in your network settings that grow into potential vulnerabilities.
  • We offer ongoing security monitoring support to help businesses deal with threats at the onset, thus reducing the cost of system repairs to prove safety compliance. 
  • Our proactive approach to risk assessment and vulnerability identification helps minimize the reaction time and thus the chances for increased damages.
Vapt services in dubai

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    Types of Vapt Services In Dubai Offered By Cyber Guard

    At Cyber Guard, we offer a comprehensive list for  vapt services in Dubai, to help our clients fill the gap in their security posture. This includes:

    External Penetration Testing In Dubai

    In external penetration testing in Dubai, our experts will simulate outside threats to your external-facing IT assets. This will cover your firewalls, web services, and so on. The intention is to identify how likely external threats are to break into your systems.

    Black Box Penetration Testing In Dubai

    Black box penetration testing in Dubai, is another efficient method in our pen testing services. Here, our experts will carry out the testing on your systems without gathering any information about your IT assets. It helps us identify how likely an outsider player can exploit the vulnerabilities in your systems.

    Internal Penetration Testing In Dubai

    Here, we carry out insider threat scenarios. For instance, an intruder or insider in your organization would likely perform data theft and leak sensitive information to cybercriminals that they are potentially loyal to.

    Segmentation Testing In Dubai

    Segmentation testing is an effective penetration testing technique we specialize in Dubai. Here, our experts will evaluate the effectiveness of the segmentation controls your networks have been supplied with. Proper network segmentation is essential to ensure that your attackers can't break into connected networks from a network that they have managed to break into.

    White Box Penetration Testing In Dubai

    Just opposite of black box testing, in white box penetration testing, we collect information about your systems from you before carrying out the simulated attacks. It helps us get a more comprehensive picture of your IT assets and thereby provide you with a fool-proof security solution.

    Gray Box Penetration Testing in Dubai

    For grey box pen testing in dubai we combine techniques of either testing method (black box or white box). We approach the pen testing with a partial knowledge of your systems. The advantage of this testing style is that it doesn't entail the limitations of black-box and white-box testing and helps deliver a neutral solution.

    Our Process of Conducting Vapt Services In Dubai

    Defining the Scope:

    To start with, our team will collaborate with you and define the scope of the vulnerability assesment and It will highlight the purpose of the test and its scope, such as which systems, applications, networks, etc.

    Setting the Roadmap:

    As the second step, we outline our detailed plan of action for the penetration test. We will give you a glimpse of the methods and tools we are going to use, as well as tell you how long it will take for the test.

    Information Gathering:

    Moving on, we gather data about the systems and networks going to be subjected to pen testing. Depending on the type of pen testing, we either collect the information passively, actively, or by combining both.

    Vulnerability Scanning:

    Using automated tools and manual methods, we do a thorough scan of the target systems and identify and isolate the known vulnerabilities.

    Our Process of Conducting Vapt Services In Dubai

    Penetration Testing:

    Our pen testers step in now, simulating cyber-attacks on your systems and exploiting the isolated vulnerabilities. Through this hands-on testing, we try to determine the degree of damage a malicious attacker could do to your systems.

    Increasing Access Level:

    After gaining initial access, we increase the level of access we have on your systems by infiltrating the segmentations, targeting accounts, and trying to get access to the locations of your sensitive data.

    Outcome Evaluation:

    Next, we evaluate the outcomes of the penetration testing we carried out, figuring out what types of vulnerabilities were best exploited and what were more resistant to being exploited.

    Remediation Support:

    We are committed to providing you with all types of assistance you need in addressing and fixing the identified vulnerabilities. We will make sure that necessary security measures are taken on a priority basis to mitigate risks.

    Documentation and Reporting:

    We will generate a comprehensive report about the penetration testing in Dubai we conducted, detailing the vulnerabilities spotted, exploitation methods employed, consequences, and recommendations for remediation.

    Briefing of Findings and Recommendation:

    We will present our test findings and remediation actions to you in simple language, giving you a complete picture of your security posture and what steps you can take to enhance security.

    Post-remediation Retesting:

    After the remediation steps have been taken, we will carry out a quick post-remediation retesting to verify if the steps taken have indeed improved your security posture.

    Final Summary Handover:

    Finally, we prepare and hand over a final summary report, which will have a detailed illustration of everything from A to Z, including the retesting findings.

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    A big thanks to the Cyber Guard team. They conducted the pen testing at our logistics service without affecting our business. The procedures were carried out during non-office hours. All our staff found the briefing session quite informative. A great team to work with.

    Rania Johnson, Logistics and Shipping, Downtown Dubai, Dubai

    As a leading college in Dubai, we are very particular about keeping our computer systems intact because we store students’ and parents’ data and all finance auditing reports. Cyber Guard’s vapt services in Dubai was quite helpful in identifying some serious vulnerabilities we had overlooked.

    Mohammed Bin Farooq, Engineering College, Al Barsha, Dubai

    Cyber Guard has been our cybersecurity partner for the last four years. They conduct our annual Vapt Services in Dubai. Our financial service hasn’t faced any security issues since our collaboration began.

    Saidul Al Haq, Financial Services, Dubai Silicon Oasis

    A highly recommended company for vapt services in Dubai. Choose them without a second thought. Their professionals are current with the latest technology and threats in all industries. We are fully satisfied with their professional help in securing our IT assets.

    Fatima Wong, IT Startup, Dubai Investment Park (DIP)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The scope of vapt services in dubai is different from client to client, and thus the cost varies. We can’t provide an exact price quote unless you define your scope. Feel free to contact us and share your purpose as well as the volume of IT approvals that need to be subjected to pen testing for an exact quote.

    Vapt services in dubai is done by simulating real-world cyber-attack scenarios. On the other hand, usual cybersecurity testing is done by scanning the IT infrastructure using automated or manual testing methods.

    There are multiple advantages to hiring a local service provider for vapt services in Dubai rather than someone from outside. A local service provider, like Cyber Guard, has a thorough understanding of Dubai’s IT laws. They will carry out the tests strictly adhering to such laws. Moreover, a local provider knows the local industries, types of threats commonly reported, etc. It is easier to get tailored services from them. Finally, you can collaborate much more easily with them than with an outside service provider.

    We handle your business’s sensitive information with strict confidentiality. We only access files that you defined during our initial discussion, and we won’t tweak any data that we access. We maintain strict adherence to relevant privacy laws and industry standards.