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Worried about the security of your data? With our comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing in UAE (VAPT) services, stay secure in this era of data theft and cyber-attacks.

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What Is the Crucial Role of VAPT Services In UAE?

Penetration Testing is a focused and strategic approach in cybersecurity that is used to detect and identify possible security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. This has made it a widely opted procedure for a number of business organisations, as its findings can be used to monitor security parameters through different audits and scans. This method is also ideal for testing new products before their release. VAPT services offered by penetration testing companies in UAE are useful for businesses as they face risks from cybercrime and fraud. vapt testing by CyberGuard is generally applied to improve the resilience of the networks or applications and ensure their smooth functioning. Through its various phases that have specific purposes, this evaluation can also provide recommendations that resolve the weaknesses that are detected. Using the red team versus blue team technique, we detect vulnerabilities within your system.

What Makes VAPT Essential for Cyber Security?

Vulnerability assessment tests help to detect potential security loopholes and risks that need immediate attention. Based on the findings from a VAPT test, a business can amp up its proactive defence against threats and thereby have an effective risk management system in place for better cyber security.

Vulnerability Assessment

This assessment is used to identify and diagnose deep-rooted problems in your systems. It is conducted through automated tools like vulnerability scanners or penetration testing, as well as manual tests for more complex problems. There are many common vulnerabilities in cybersecurity Overcoming these vulnerabilities is one of the biggest tasks in cybersecurity.

Application Security Testing

This process secures applications and makes them more resilient to security issues. This is achieved by identifying weaknesses in the source code of the application. This has three categories:

Penetration Testing

Pentest as a service involves checking your organisation's security policies and protocol compliance. There are different stages of testing like Pre-engagement, Reconnaissance, Threat Modelling, Exploitation, Post-exploitation, Reporting, and Re-testing, that provide a detailed analysis of the network.

External and Internal Testing

External Testing is a process conducted through ethical hacking where security vulnerabilities in web, email, and FTP servers are identified. Internal testing involves searching for the security issues with the organisation network.

Network Security Testing

This testing method is for identifying and demonstrating risks present in a computer network. It may have a number of testing mediums and the end goal is always to protect data in existing networks.

Social Engineering Testing

This method has been developed to check if an organisation and its professionals have been complying to its IT infrastructure’s security policies and procedures. This also provides critical information on how susceptible the network is to cyberattacks.

Wireless Security Testing

This procedure is used to examine the devices connected to a business organisation’s Wi-Fi, and a pen tester has to be on site to be in the range for carrying out the testing.

Security Controls Assessment

This testing method is based on the physical facility and systems to identify if the controls are implemented well, operating according to its plan, and its security management.

Exploitation and Proof of Concept

This is a non-harmful attack against a device or network. The main purpose of this is to show cyber security problems within the targeted IT infrastructure, and resolve them immediately.

Reporting and Recommendations

In a VAPT report, you can find a detailed list of all the issues that are present in your network or systems. We provide this with much accuracy with all possible recommendations to resolve them.

Continuous Monitoring and Testing

This is an approach that includes continuous monitoring of IT systems to check for security problems, along with performance and non-compliance problems. This ensures that any issues found will be corrected quickly.

Compliance and Regulatory Alignment

Compliance frameworks are an important part of VAPT. This is because it is the proof that validates that your organisation has fixed the vulnerabilities that could have been exploited by cybercriminals.

Industries We Are Specialized for Vapt Services

At CyberGuard, we have experienced team professionals to offer you focused cyber security services in United Arab Emirates. We cater to all prominent industries in the country such as: 

Why We’re the Preferred Choice for Penetration Testing Service In UAE?

Cyber Guard is one of the best penetration testing companies in Dubai and is also recommended for VAPT services in  UAE. Our diverse range of services with reasonable price tags and adaptability for both small-scale enterprises and large industries make us the ideal partner for businesses across the spectrum.

Forward-Thinking Strategy

We are committed to identifying weaknesses in systems and emerging threats in a strategic way, which will secure your data and enhance your business productivity Competitive and Fair Pricing Our company understands the value of fair pricing in projects and we offer our cyber security solutions at the right value for all. Dedicated Customer Assistance Along with online security, our team also conducts follow-ups and support measures that will ensure that your business receives the help it needs.

Elite Squad of Specialists

With our team of experienced penetration testers, you can be assured that we are thorough in our work of providing penetration testing in UAE

Holistic Cyber security Solutions

It is our constant effort to provide security measures that will protect your IT infrastructure by monitoring and evaluating the system or application.

State-of-the-Art Technological Innovations

Our team is highly experienced in using the technology at our disposal, and we ensure that we provide quality vulnerability testing in UAE.

Our Service Locations Beyond UAE

Cyberattack attempts are faced by businesses all over the world. Clients beyond UAE lay their trust in us to defend their networks and computer systems against cyber criminals.

CyberGuard’s vapt services in UAE are offered in almost all strategic locations. Discover the places you can easily connect with us for help.

Take a look at the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries we are authorised to serve.

Diverse Range of Services Offered Through Our Penetration Testing Company In UAE

As cyber security vulnerabilities are evolving, an organization must choose pen testing services in UAE that handle every aspect of the system. As a VAPT service provider,  we guarantee a comprehensive range of services designed for all your enterprise applications, networks and systems. 

Annual Security Program

The annual Security Program is a Comprehensive yearly Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing plan designed for organisations to perform various steps like risk assessments, training, policy reviews, etc.

IoT Security Testing

Cyber criminals are highly likely to target IoT devices to exploit the vulnerabilities present there. In this testing approach, our focus is on preventing such security breaches and data leaks by tightening the security posture of the IoT ecosystem.

Mobile Application Security

This penetration testing process focuses on evaluating mobile apps for vulnerabilities and avoiding the occurrence of security risks like data breaches and unauthorised access.

API Security Assessment

Cyber-security experts doing API penetration testing evaluate Application Programming Interfaces for vulnerabilities. They ensure data integrity, authentication, authorization, and protection against attacks like injection.

Web Application Security Assessment

This service focuses on assessing web applications for potential vulnerabilities like SQL injection, CSRF and XSS. Following the identification of these threats, steps are taken to enhance protection.

Secure Code Review

Security code review is the process of examining source code for potential threats. Besides that, it helps an organisation ensure its security posture complies with the best security practices.

ASV Scan

AVS Scan is a Privacy Vulnerability Assessment that helps businesses test their compliance with PCI DSS standards. It also helps identify vulnerabilities associated with web applications and networks.

Network Penetration Testing

Through network Vapt UAE services, we help you identify weaknesses in the network infrastructure and fix the problems through steps like secure configurations, threat mitigation and patch management.

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    The Methodology Used in Our Penetration Testing Services In UAE

    Cyber Guard is the best VAPT companies in UAE to consider for penetration services . Our diverse range of services with reasonable price tags and adaptability for both small-scale enterprises and large industries make us the ideal partner for businesses across the spectrum.


    Information Gathering

    Information Gathering, also known as reconnaissance, is the process of collecting relevant data about the target systems, network and any IT personnel who are responsible for an organisation's computing infrastructure. The objective is to make an unbiased assessment of the potential vulnerabilities.


    Scanning and Assessment

    Using manual and automation tools, our professionals will actively scan the target systems for vulnerabilities. Following the threat identification, we evaluate them and make a priority list for the next procedure.


    Simulated Exploitations

    In this stage, our consulting professionals will actively exploit the identified vulnerabilities using a variety of penetration testing methodologies and social engineering techniques just as cyber attackers would unleash the attacks. The goal is to identify to what extent the systems can defend themselves.


    Result Verification

    Next, the expert at our penetration testing company in UAE will confirm the results from the successful exploitations. After validating the accuracy and reliability of the results, we document each test case scenario for future reference.

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    Report Generation

    After every detail including the steps undertaken, results and remediation initiated are properly documented, we will generate a comprehensive report for the client to use for security enhancements.

    Reasons Why You Should Carry Out Pen Testing in UAE

    In the current scenario where organizations and businesses largely depend on their computer systems and applications to store sensitive information, it is important to assess their strength against vulnerabilities. Pen testing helps identify many of these susceptibility issues. Here are six compelling reasons to conduct pen testing in UAE:

    Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your security controls is key to refining your security strategies and improving areas that require attention.

    Pen testing  verifies if your company’s computer systems and applications are running smoothly and identify any potential hidden risks.

    Periodical pen testing  is mandatory to ensure that your systems comply with various government regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOX.

     Preventing security threats before they breach the system is crucial. Pen testing UAE helps implement a proactive security strategy by validating your system’s effectiveness.

    Pen testing serves as a quality assurance audit for your company’s computer systems. It verifies whether the systems are running smoothly and have the protection capabilities against real-world threats.

    If any vulnerabilities are found through your pen testing in Dubai, you can take sufficient security measures, such as making changes in the configuration or applying patches, to prevent their occurrence.

    Pen testing services


    As a financial institution, security is paramount for us. Your pen test providers offered us a comprehensive range of VAPT services to help us identify potential threats we might be facing on our online banking system. Thanks for safeguarding the data of our customers.

    Financial Institution

    I am happy to recommend Cyberguard. In my experience, they are one of the top pentesting companies in UAE and personally the best. Their rigorous security testing and VAPT helped us enhance the safety of our medical records system. We are no longer worried about threats.

    Healthcare Clinic

    Our retail business has recently ventured into e-commerce and we started getting regular threats which none of our IT professionals could efficiently handle. Thanks to your vulnerability and penetration testing, we were able to identify what was wrong in the system, particularly the payment gateway. Your efficiency in penetration testing Dubai in cyber security helped us fortify our defences against potential cyber-attacks.

    E-commerce business

    Your VAPT services and penetration testing UAE helped us keep our systems free from vulnerabilities. We are certain that it will empower us to enhance our cybersecurity measures and keep our reputation as a service committed to safeguarding customer data.

    Electronic Devices Sales and Servicing

    In our mechanical goods manufacturing business, we extensively depend on automation. Your affordable penetration testing services helped us identify crucial vulnerabilities that our IoT devices use. Thanks for your outstanding support.

    Manufacturing business
    Are you worried about the disruptions caused by cyber-attacks? A comprehensive penetration testing can pinpoint the root causes and let you fortify your systems.
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      Yes, because penetration testing is a targeted approach that helps you to evaluate the security of your computer systems to avoid critical issues and cyber-attacks.

      This is a cybersecurity technique that is used to detect vulnerabilities in networks or applications.

      There are different types of testing involved in our penetration testing services in UAE. These include the Network Penetration Test, Client-Side Penetration Test, Social Engineering Penetration Test, Web Application Penetration Test, and Wireless Network Penetration Test.

      Penetration testing is important as it is effective in preventing security breaches in your networks and any existing design flaws.

      Penetration testing services in uae are delivered in a comprehensive manner with scanning, analysis, and WAF configuration.

      Yes, Cyber Cyber Guard offers VAPT services in Dubai, as well as other Emirates of the UAE