Delivering Exceptional Services: This is an extensive part of our work as we use our knowledge and skills for implementing cyber security measures and protect your data.


Continued Support and Assistance: We do not stop at the cybersecurity solutions we provide. This is followed by further support services that will make our work remain effective for your business.

Cyber Guard - No. 1 Choice for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing in Fujairah

Cyber Guard has proudly established itself as the most reliable choice for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing in Fujairah, with a vast portfolio of services tailored for diverse business challenges.

Your Most Reliable Partner for Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing in Fujairah

  • Our VAPT testing services cater to all types of businesses in Fujairah: banking and finance, oil and gas, government sectors, healthcare, and more. 
  • Our experts are proficient in all types of vulnerability assessments and penetration testing in Fujairah, including cloud, API, application, network, IoT, and more.
  • We offer training sessions for your staff to help them understand the latest types of threats that they might encounter in day-to-day operations. 
  • We strictly adhere to the statutory regulations regarding vulnerability and penetration testing in Fujairah and help you meet compliance requirements without extra cost. 
  • Besides penetration vulnerability testing, we also assist you with ongoing threat analysis and monitoring so that you are at minimal risk of security breaches. 
  • We provide a comprehensive and actionable report following our vulnerability assessment and penetration testing in Fujairah to help you prioritize remediation steps. 
  • Our team uses the most advanced vulnerability assessment and penetration testing tools to uncover even the most concealed types of threats. 
  • All our cybersecurity professionals are both certified and experienced. We specialize in performing VAPT testing as per industry standards.
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Don’t compromise on the security of your IT assets. Get it assured today with Cyber Guard!

    Discover Our Full Spectrum of Services for Penetration Testing in Fujairah

    At Cyber Guard, we understand your needs and tailor our services to provide you with cost-effective and highly beneficial solutions. Discover our diverse spectrum of services.

    Yearly Security Assessment Program in Fujairah:

    Our yearly penetration test and vulnerability assessment program help you discover newer challenges that have emerged since your previous test and implement remediation for them. It reduces your compliance costs.

    Network Penetration Testing in Fujairah:

    With our experts at your penetration testing in Fujairah, there is no need to worry about the security of your network infrastructure. We specialize in identifying and preventing all types of network breaches.

    Mobile Application Penetration Testing in Fujairah:

    We provide thorough security testing and assessment for your mobile applications, enhancing their security posture and integrity across the operating systems they are designed to work on.

    Web penetration testing in Fujairah:

    Cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities in web applications to penetrate your network and systems. Our experts will identify these loopholes before they can be found by attackers and enhance your security posture.

    ASV Scan in Fujairah:

    Cyber Guard is a licensed ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) to conduct comprehensive vulnerability scanning as per globally followed standards like PCI-DSS. While improving your security, we also ensure your compliance.

    IoT Security Testing in Fujairah:

    Whatever the size of your IoT ecosystem, we are equipped to identify and address the potential vulnerabilities across it and enhance your device integrity across the network coverage area.

    API security penetration testing in Fujairah:

    We have experts skilled in API pentesting in Fujairah. They will meticulously test your application programming interfaces and ensure that they are secure enough to communicate between your systems.

    Code Strength Review in Fujairah:

    Entrust our experts with your source code reviews to identify potential weaknesses. Codes are the foundation of secure applications, and when you entrust us with this task, we do it with perfection.

    Our Services Are Available Across Various Locations In UAE

    Range of Tools for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing in Fujairah Used by Cyber Guard

    We integrate cutting-edge technology and sophisticated tools to run smooth and fool-proof vulnerability assessment and penetration testing in Fujairah. Discover the latest tools in our arsenal for ensuring your cyber security.

    • Burp Suite
    • Metasploit
    • QualysGuard
    • Nikto
    • Nmap (Network Mapper)
    • Nessus
    • OWASP ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy)
    • Acunetix
    • OpenVAS
    • Wireshark
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    Thanks to the Cyber Guard team for the comprehensive wireless penetration testing done for our e-commerce website. Some potential threats trailed our systems for some months, causing us trouble. Now we are kind of secure. The remediation steps are easy to implement.

    Mahmood Abbas, Electronics eCommerce Service, Fujairah

    We approached Cyber Guard for OWASP penetration testing as we feared our web application was vulnerable to SQL injection and cross-scripting. The team did commendable work by performing thorough testing and pointing out the weaknesses. Our dental care web app is safe now.

    Raj Kiran Rathod, Dental Care Service, Fujairah

    We have collaborated with multiple VAPT testing companies, but we can say without a doubt that the service offered by Cyber Guard was the best. Their customer support is top-notch, and they kept us in the loop from day one about the cloud penetration testing. Thanks for the outstanding support.

    Allen John DeMello, SaaS Startup, Fujairah

    Highly recommended vulnerability testing service in Fujairah. Timely service ensured we didn't run out of the compliance period. As a financial service provider, there are tight compliance metrics that we are bound to follow.

    Muhammed Bin Abdul Razak, Financial Service, Fujairah

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The cost of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing in Fujairah varies from project to project. As you can see, cyber security compliance and requirements vary from company to company, so it is important to study the scope of the VAPT testing before determining the price. Contact us and define your requirements for a precise quote.

    Some of the best VAPT tools used in penetration testing include Nessus, Burp Suite, Metasploit, OWASP ZAP, Nmap, Acunetix, QualysGuard, OpenVAS, Nikto, and Wireshark. Depending on the nature of the project, the type of tools used and the level of manual intervention vary.

    Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are inevitable for all kinds of businesses in Fujairah, like in any other part of the world. It helps you proactively identify security weaknesses in your IT infrastructure and take timely actions to mitigate them. Cyber Guard guarantees confidentiality, compliance, and integrity with its diverse pen testing services in Fujairah.

    Penetration testing is the method or practice of simulating real-world attacks on a client’s system to exploit the vulnerabilities found there. On the other hand, vulnerability assessment is the process that precedes it. It helps identify and isolate the vulnerabilities and gives a clear picture of the security posture of the client’s systems.

    OWASP stands for Open Web Application Security Project. It is a nonprofit organization that offers free and reliable resources and tools for software and web app security. At Cyber Guard, we have professionals skilled in utilizing OWASP resources and best practices to enhance the security of your web applications.