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Agreement between Cyberguard and user

Cyberguard’s website consists of a wide range of web pages which are managed by the company.

Cyberguard’s website is provided to you on the condition of your acceptance without modifying the terms, notices and conditions contained herein. By using Cyberguard’s website you agree to all such terms, conditions, and notices

Modifications of the terms of use

Cyberguard has the right to modify the terms, notices and conditions that are mentioned in the Cyberguard website.

Third Party Site Links

Cyberguard’s website may contain other website links referred to as “ Linked Sites”. These linked sites do not come under the control of Cyberguard and Cyberguard is not liable for the contents of linked sites like any changes or updates of these. Besides, Cyberguard is not accountable for any kind of webcasting or any kind of transmission gained from the linked site. Cyberguard is offering these links for the convenience of our clientele and we disclaim any endorsement or association with these website operators.

No illegal or prohibited use

As a prerequisite for using Cyberguard’s website, you guarantee us that you will not use Cyberguard’s website for any purposes that are illegal or forbidden by these terms, notices and conditions. Further, you are strictly prohibited from using Cyberguard’s website in any way that could damage, overburden, disable, or impair the website. You may not acquire or attempt to acquire any information or materials via any means that is not made available through Cyberguard’s website.

Use of communication services

Cyberguard’s website may contain calendars, chat areas, bulletin board services, news groups, communities, forums, personal web pages, and/or other communication and message facilities which are designed to help you communicate with the public or a group at large, which are referred to as communication services. While using communication services you agree that you will not:

  • Abuse, defame, harass, threaten, stalk or else violate the legal rights like the rights of privacy and publicity of others.
  • Publish, upload, post, distribute or disseminate any profane, inappropriate, defamatory, obscene, infringing, unlawful or indecent topic, material, name or information.
  • Upload files containing software or other material which are protected by intellectual property laws or else by right to privacy of publicity.
  • Upload files that have corrupted files, viruses, or any other similar programs or software that can damage the working of another person’s computer.
  • Offer or advertise to buy or sell any goods or services for any commercial purposes unless the communication services permits such messages
  • Forward and conduct surveys, pyramid schemes, contests, or chain letters.
  • Download any file uploaded by any other user of the communication service.
  • Delete or falsify any of the author’s attributions, legal or other notices.

Cyberguard has no obligation to keep a check on the communication services. But Cyberguard holds the right to assess the materials posted on the Communication Service and to delete such content.  Cyberguard also has the right to revoke your access to any of the communication services at any time and without prior notice.

Materials posted at any Cyberguard website or provided to Cyberguard

Cyberguard never claims ownership to any material you give to Cyberguard which includes your feedback and suggestions. But by uploading, posting, inputting, submitting or providing your Submission you are giving Cyberguard and  its associated companies the approval to use your Submission in connection with the working of their online businesses  without any kind of prohibition of the right to distribute, copy and transmit publicly. And we will not pay any compensation for using your submission.

Liability Disclaimer

The software, information, products, and services that are included in or available via Cyberguard’s website can be modified periodically to the data herein. Cyberguard or its associates may make changes or modifications in Cyberguard’s website from time to time. Advice received through Cyberguard’s website should not be considered for legal, personal, financial and medical decisions and you should contact a suitable professional for customizing specific advice for your case.

Cyberguard and its associates make no representation for the availability, suitability, timelines, reliability and accuracy of the software products, information, services and associated graphics included on the Cyberguard’s website for any need.

Termination/Restriction of Access

Cyberguard holds the right in its sole discretion to end your accessibility to the website of Cyberguard and the associated service or any part at any time without any prior notice. Cyberguard website is not authorised in any country that does not give effect to each of the components of these terms and conditions, without any limitation. You agree that there is no partnership, joint venture, agency or employment connection between you and Cyberguard. A printed version of this agreement and any electronic notice given shall be acceptable in administrative or judicial proceedings based on or relating to this agreement. The parties can request that this agreement and any associated documents be written in English.

Trademark and copyright notices

All contents of the Cyberguard’s website are X Y Z (copyright details). All rights reserved. The names of products and actual companies that are listed herein may be the trademarks of the respective owners.