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Secure your IT assets with the help of our certified VAPT test in Sharjah.

Why is Cyber Guard the Best for the VAPT Test in Sharjah?

Cybercriminals target all kinds of businesses these days, not just financial services. At Cyber Guard, our trained professionals for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are thorough about the threats that attackers can pose to your business. Through a meticulous approach that is totally in compliance with the UAE’s cyber security laws, we scan all your external and internal interfaces and uncover the vulnerabilities.

Our Vast Range of Services and Techniques for Pen Testing in Sharjah

Our vapt test in Sharjah is powered by a range of services, techniques, and vulnerability assessment tools. With this combination, we cater to diverse business contexts and requirements.

Yearly vulnerability testing:

We conduct a yearly VAPT test in Sharjah for organizations that want to review their security posture for both safety and statutory compliance.

VAPT testing for network resources:

Our comprehensive network vulnerability assessment helps you get a thorough security review of your network properties and measures to step up their strength.

Our Vast Range of Services and Techniques for Vapt Test in Sharjah

Security testing for IoT

involves scanning the IoT (Internet of Things) or devices that can be connected via the internet for potential vulnerabilities and isolating the threats.

Security for mobile applications:

We have the latest vulnerability scanning tools to check mobile applications for their potential security loopholes and pinpoint them to the clients.

vulnerability risk assessment for API:

Your applications’ API can easily become susceptible to cyber threats unless kept under monitoring. Our vulnerability assessment services cover it.

Web application vulnerability scanning:

We do thorough security assessments for web applications and ensure they have the required defense capacity to evade threats.

Secure Code Analysis:

Infected codes can seriously risk application security. With secure code analysis, we verify the codes’ reliability and resistance for program developers.

ASV Scan:

We offer ASV scanning as part of our vulnerability testing and penetration testing services to help ensure a thorough assessment of your internet-facing systems for potential threats and compliance with standards.

List of  Tools We Use at Cyber Guard for   Vapt Test in Sharjah

At Cyber Guard, we use the latest and most reliable tools for vapt test in Sharjah. Here are the top 10 vulnerability scanning tools we rely on.

Netsparker Security Scanner:

We use this automated web application security scanner to identify vulnerabilities like SQL injection and XSS. With this, we generate detailed reports for remediation.


A popular vulnerability assessment tool, Nessus facilitates comprehensive scans to isolate vulnerabilities in networks and systems. It is regarded as an effective tool for risk management and security enhancement.


Nikto is an open-source web server scanner that helps identify known vulnerabilities. It also supports our experts in identifying misconfigurations and security issues found in web applications and servers and suggests to you what remediation can be taken.


Metasploit is a reliable framework for vulnerability and penetration testing. It provides sophisticated tools for exploiting vulnerabilities through simulated attacks and facilitates the assessment of your network's' security posture.


As the name suggests, it is an SQL injection tool that performs automated threat and vulnerability assessment and exploitation of SQL injection vulnerabilities in databases and web applications.


Intruder is a highly sophisticated vulnerability scanner that simplifies ongoing security testing and comes with features for real-time notifications. With the help of this tool, we can identify threats proactively and step up instantaneous threat mitigation.


Aircrack-ng offers a slew of features for wireless network security scanning and assessment. It comes with the capability to break into WEP and WPA/WPA2-PSK encryption. We use this tool to audit your Wi-Fi networks and strengthen their security posture.

Acunetix Scanner:

Acunetix Scanner is one of the most efficient web vulnerability scanning tools used for identifying security flaws such as SQL injection and XSS. Leveraging its accurate scanning capabilities, we do thorough web application security testing and assist your risk mitigation strategy.

Burp Suite Pro:

A pen testing and vulnerability scanning tool for web applications, it offers options for advanced automated vulnerability scanning along with manual testing methods. Even the most covert threats are identified with this tool's help.


W3af is a reliable framework for simulating attacks on web applications. It comes with plugins that facilitate isolating and exploiting common concealed vulnerabilities in web applications.

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    How Do Our Vapt Test in Sharjah Help Businesses?

    • We carry out simulated attacks on IT infrastructure and help you get a clearer picture of your current security posture and what enhancements need to be made.  
    • We help improve the safety of your coding so that you can focus your attention on its speed and quality. 
    • We strictly adhere to standard vulnerability assessment methodology so that you have cost-efficient and top-notch security assessment services. 
    • Our team of experts in Sharjah specializes in identifying vulnerabilities across your network resulting from misconfiguration. 
    • Our VAPT test in Sharjah offers fool-proof audits for networks and applications. We help ensure that your cost of staying compliant is minimal. 
    • We provide coding training for developers, inculcating secure practices and thereby reducing the need for frequent security testing. 
    • We deliver timely security testing services for app developers, ensuring that app releases are not stalled due to missed security testing deadlines. 
    How Do Our Vapt Test in Sharjah Help Businesses?

    Our Services Are Available Across Various Locations In UAE


    Choosing Cyber Guard for the AWS vulnerability scanning was a wise decision. They did it without affecting our business operations. Highly professional team with a thorough knowledge of the AWS framework.

    Yousuf Al-Hosani, IT startup, Sharjah

    Our experience with Cyber Guard's pen testing in Sharjah was exceptional. Their thorough container vulnerability scanning ensured our software products met stringent security standards. We are looking forward to more collaborations with this team.

    Peter Smith, eCommerce Service, Sharjah

    We are a financial institution in Sharjah. We reached out to Cyber Guard for help with the VAPT test in Sharjah. They did great work using advanced vulnerability scanning online tools and identified and addressed all potential security weaknesses.

    Rajesh Yadav, Credit Card Service, Sharjah

    As a healthcare provider, data security is second to nothing for us. The Cyber Guard came to our rescue. Using automated vulnerability scanning tools, open source, and manual methods, their experts were able to pinpoint threats in our systems and fortify our assets.

    Khalid Al-Hashimi, Health and Wellness Center, Sharjah

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Vulnerability scanning has become an essential routine for ensuring cybersecurity. It helps identify nearly 99% of the threats. We recommend getting it performed periodically if you are a business dealing with critical data.

    Our external vulnerability assessment in sharjah , helps identify vulnerabilities in your external IT assets, such as the network, web app, and OS. We also help identify risks associated with misconfigurations, social engineering, DoS attacks, etc., among others.

    Our process starts with identifying the test scope, followed by reconnaissance or information gathering, vulnerability scanning and isolation, exploitation, reporting, and remediation.

    We recommend regular VAPT tests in Sharjah for your business. If you are a business handling critical data, for instance, account details or sensitive personal information, quarterly assessments are highly recommended. Get an immediate vulnerability assessment after you make any significant changes in your systems.

    Please note that our pricing varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project and the range of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing tools we use in the process. For a custom quote tailored to your specific requirements in Sharjah, feel free to contact us.